Top Roulette Tips

Roulette's got a low house edge and plenty of bets to make. Here are some top cheat tips to finish ahead in top 10 rated US casinos.

The Single Zero is your Friend

Newcomers to roulette might be unaware of this, but different variations of the game come with a different range of numbers. The major difference is that some versions have a double zero in addition to a single zero, whereas others have just the single zero. This has a surprisingly significant impact on the house edge, and one tip players should definitely follow is to focus on the single zero roulette variation as this gives a much better chance of finishing ahead. In addition to reducing the range of numbers the ball can land on, it also makes any red or black bet likelier to come off. The house edge on double zero roulette is almost twice as big as that of single zero roulette, so always opt for the latter.

Don't be Tempted by Martingale or the Gambler's Fallacy


One approach that some roulette players adopt is a Martingale mathematical strategy. Namely, they pick a color. If the bet comes off, fine. If it doesn't, they make the same bet and double the stakes. And they repeat this. This strategy can seem tempting, but there are two big reasons you should not go for it. For a start, especially with no deposit bonus money and often with player money, online casinos frequently consider this to be a cheat. This can make roulette promo cash void, or even get the player excluded from the site. More importantly, it's bad for a player even if it is allowed.

Every roulette table has upper and lower bet limits. Double several times and you'll soon be nudging the ceiling. Even if you bet $1, losing five bets in a row means your next stake will be $32, way higher than your initial stake. And if you win that, your overall profit will be $1. If you lose it, you'll be down $63. In short, a doubling system means you have a high chance of a small profit, but any loss will be enormous.

This tip also illustrates another trap to avoid: the Gambler's Fallacy. This is when a roulette player takes the view that just because a certain result (red showing up, let's say) hasn't happened for a while that it's more likely to happen now. That's mathematically false. The odds on a red result are not changed based on what the previous spins of the roulette wheel were. Red and black alternating are just as likely as five red results in a row.

Prison is Good for You

Another top tip is to play roulette that has surrender or en prison options to reduce the house edge. The two terms apply to American (double zero) and European (single zero) games and are slightly different.

Surrender in roulette means that if you've backed a color bet, or odd/even or suchlike, then you get half your stake returned to you. It's still a loss, but significantly mitigated. In fact, it almost halves the house edge. En prison has a similar effect in a different way. When a zero shows up the bets on colors and the like are held in place for the next spin, rather than being losses.

Keep a Cool Head and an Eye on your Money


Another top tip for players new to roulette, or gambling in general, is to stay relaxed. There's a huge number of potential bets to make, but there's no need to go overboard and make umpteen bets on each individual roulette spin. Likewise, wheel results are random so don't get stressed if you've been backing a number, change your bet, then it shows up. If things are going well, stay cool and don't supercharge your stakes because you can very quickly lose what you've won and end up in a hole. And if you are on a losing streak, don't be afraid to step away if you're at your limit. The nature of betting is that you're going to lose sometimes.

Speaking of money, it's a great tip before you start with roulette to work out your bankroll and stakes. The bankroll is the total sum you have to play with. A healthy attitude is to consider this money you can afford to lose, and acknowledge there's every chance you will lose it (while, of course, hoping you win and knowing roulette has one of the lowest house edges of any casino game). It can also be wise to work out the stakes you want to play with, perhaps 1-2% of your bankroll. Be disciplined with this, because if you have a good night and get giddy with high stakes losses for the last couple of spins you can easily cheat yourself out of winnings.

Have fun with roulette, and follow our tips for the best chance of making some money at top US online casinos.