Finding Legal USA Online Casinos

Betting's more popular in the US than it's ever been, but the question of how to find legal USA online casinos is one that vexes many a player. And that's where we come in.

Playing at Legal USA Online Casinos


Betting's an increasingly popular pastime in the United States these days, and there are ever more places to play. However, it's important to only play at legal USA online casinos, and to know how to find such sites without falling foul of the small number of bad eggs out there.

Leaving aside that most people want to be law-abiding as a matter of course, why does this matter? Because there's always a risk of losing at a betting site, just as there's a chance of winning. That tension produces excitement and fun. But if you're playing on a dodgy site, the odds are tilted so far against you that the odds on success are a million to one. In fact, even if you end up finishing ahead and have money in your account, you may struggle to withdraw it because a nefarious site might simply refuse to process a withdrawal request (while happily accepting any deposits you make).

This makes the licensing arrangement of a betting site, and approval by independent third parties such as TST and eCOGRA, so important for players. This isn't just a regulatory nicety, it's about having confidence the site you're looking at joining is trustworthy. Betting is about having fun, but play at a disreputable site and you have next to no chance of coming out with any profits.

The Changing Regulatory Situation

Historically, the USA has been more guarded about betting than Canada, and much more conservative compared to Europe where countries such as the UK have been far more accepting of both sports and casino betting. However, this picture started to change recently and now an increasing number of US states have legalized betting at online establishments. This means there's been a significant proliferation in domestic, onshore sites for American players.

But that's not all. The loosening of a restrictive regulatory approach also means that US players have access to a huge assortment of offshore betting sites from around the world. The numerous Anglophone nations mean there are countless English language sites that welcome players from the USA, and the size of the American market means that the US dollar is almost always an available currency. So even though the US domestic market will take a little while to really get going, there's an increasing number of sites at home and a staggering selection of places to play overseas.

How to Find Places to Play Online


When considering how to find the best USA online casinos players can always go searching directly for sites themselves. The downside of this approach is that there's a huge number of both domestic betting establishments in the US and offshore sites that accept US players, which can make it something of an embarrassment of riches, and can risk creating option paralysis (not unlike visiting a restaurant and having a menu the size of War and Peace).

The big advantage of using is that we check online betting sites all the time and collate this information so you can browse it much more quickly. This way, players can find in minutes what it would take them hours to discover searching by themselves. And because all the info is in one spot it's nice and easy to compare all the pros and cons of various sites, whether looking at games, bonuses, mobile platforms, banking methods, available currencies, or something else. It's easy to weigh up the various factors when all you have to do is compare and contrast because we've done all the donkey work already.

Red Flags to Beware

Once you've found a legal online USA casino that takes your fancy, just be sure there aren't any major red flags. Luckily, these signs of woe are usually easy to spot. First stop is to ensure there's a proper licensing arrangement (normally this info is presented at the bottom of every page). No license is a big warning sign that a site isn't to be trusted. It's also wise to check the terms and conditions just to see if there are onerous banking fees or withdrawal caps. And, last but not least, give a quick look online to see if there's a pattern of problems with a site you're considering.

It's a great time to be a player in the USA, with more and more online casinos where you can have fun. So spend your time playing safely, and let us do the boring work of sifting the best sites from the dodgy ones.