The Best Online Casinos that Accept US Gamblers

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With many gambling sites available online, you will want to find those that proudly accept US members. There are some excellent online casinos that are licensed and regulated by individual states. These offer access to trusted games and present a legal way for US players to engage in real money play from the comforts of home and even on mobile devices.

Try Out the Best Online Casinos that Accept US Players

If you are from the United States and are looking to start playing games online, we can provide you with a trusted list of sites. These include the best online casinos that payout US dollars and provide trusted banking options. Not every US site operating will provide access to these gamblers. There are some that operate right in the US and others are international sites that cater to players from all over the world.

Be sure to review the country restrictions list at any casino to ensure they will allow members. The best US casinos will feature a great portfolio of games along with great bonuses. Watch for new US no deposit casinos that reward you as soon as you register an account.

What Do the Top 10 US Online Casinos Have in Common?

When it comes to the top US casino sites catering to American members, you will find that these sites have many things in common. Not only do they accept real money US players, but they also present great features that can enhance the gambling experience. The top 10 US online casinos will often share the following attributes.

  • Trusted and reliable software developers - When you are looking for the US best online casino in the industry, there are few things more important than the software. There are a few major software companies in the US that help the best online casinos run effectively. The quality of the software effects the quality of the games on the site and the site in general. If there is inadequate software then you will have issues with crashes. When an online casino crashes there is a chance that you could lose the money you invested in your most recent bet. This is obviously not ideal, so you want to find a site with excellent. You are also better off finding an online casino with trusted and reliable software because having everything run smoothly lets you get into a better flow state while playing.

  • Diverse game lobby: The best platforms are renowned for their gaming opportunities. Apart from the partnership with premium software vendors, operators must offer a large inventory of games suitable for various gaming preferences. Most platforms accepting US players tend to offer a large portfolio of slots, typically the mainstay gaming option, augmented by live dealer games and RNG versions of roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Among the platforms accepting US players, Royal Vegas is a top choice for players interested in an immersive gaming experience. The lobby on this platform covers the full spectrum of games with large jackpots.
  • Mobile versions: Gaming on the go is a top priority for casual and seasoned US players. Having a reliable mobile version of a preferred gaming hub is a must. Although responsive websites do a good job of replicating the desktop version and offer convenience when playing on a smartphone or tablet, for a top-notch mobile experience, a native app is the ultimate tool. Reputable operators provide dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices with fast load speeds, a great interface, and a full suite of features. Sourcing the app should be easy, and the installation package not be too hefty.
  • Fast and secure payouts using multiple methods - Whether you are playing exclusively to make money or you just want to have fun, if you get a big win you will want your winnings paid out as quickly as possible. Every online casino will require winnings to be processed and verified before they can be paid out, especially if the sum of the winnings is quite large. However, you do not want to be held up by anything else. So, you should look for a US online casino that is accepting of many fast and secure payout methods. Ideally, you will find an online casino that is accepting for bank transfers, 3rd party payouts, and cryptocurrency payments. Having several payout options will give you freedom to withdraw your winnings to whatever account or destination you want.

  • 24-hour customer support services - It does not matter if you are playing at the best online casino in the US or the worst, if you play enough you will probably run into some technical issues at some point. When this happens you do not want to be stuck sitting on your hands waiting for the problem to be resolved. Ideally, you will have access to customer support services that are accepting calls and inquiries 24/7. So, if there was a glitch that caused you to lose your money, or if you are having trouble accessing your account, you can get that resolved very quickly.

  • High paying welcome bonuses and recurring promotions - The online casino industry in the US is always accepting new US players, but it can be difficult for those players to figure out which online casino in the US to choose. The market is flooded with options, which is great for the consumer, but it can be overwhelming. As a result, you want to look for US online casino that has the best welcome bonuses and recurring promotions. Ideally, you will find an online casino with bonuses that have low wagering requirements. You want to receive bonuses as a new US player, and you want to be rewarded for your loyalty. So, take a look on the site and at user reviews to see what kind of bonuses you can expect to receive from a particular website.

  • Tested games with verified payout rates - The last thing a US player should be worrying about when they play the game is whether it has been tested. You do not want to be the first one to play a game because there is a good chance that it will have bugs. So, you should look for an online casino that has games that have been tested by professionals. You can look on the website to see if it has been professionally tested, or you can look for US user reviews to see how the games are performing.

How to Make a Profit with Wagering Requirements accept/accepting/accepted us/usa (keep usa <1%)

Finding an online casino with bonuses is extremely important for US players. However, you will quickly learn that wagering requirements are attached to almost every bonus or reward you receive from online casinos online. Wagering requirements limit when you can withdraw any winnings you receive from a bonus. For example, you could receive a bonus with a $10 value, but it might have 30 times wagering requirements attached to it. This means that you need to spend $300 before you can withdraw any winnings you received. This might make it sound like it is impossible to make a profit with a bonus, but that is not the case. You just need to be strategic about how you make your bets and which games you play.

To implement a strategy to make a profit with your no deposit bonus, you need to understand RTP. RTP stands for "return to player percentage," and it refers to the percentage of the time that US players receive their wager back or better. There are games with RTPs of 97 percent and higher, so you can reliably break even in these games. Unfortunately, high RTP games typically have lower payouts, and as a result, you will need to play low RTP games if you want to make a big profit.

When you are using your own money at a US online casino, you should play the high RTP games. However, when you are using a bonus you can take on some extra risk. It is at this time that you should consider playing low RTP games. The chances of winning are not high, but this is the best time to try to hit the jackpot. If you do win you need to make sure that you are not greedy. You should not double down, you should immediately switch back to high RTP games. At this point, you will still need to meet the wagering requirements, so there is a chance that you can lose all your winnings. However, if you play it safe and exclusively play high RTP games after a big win, you will walk away with the majority of your winnings.

Checklist for Sites Accepting US Players

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Before you jump right in and create an account, you should follow the checklist we have provided below. This will help you ensure that the site you are considering is safe to play at and that it will provide trusted and secure services at all times.

  • Make sure the site is licensed and regulated - The most important thing for US players to do before they start playing at an online casino is make sure that the site is licensed and regulated. If you do not, there is chance you could have legal problems down the road, or you might not receive your payouts. Fortunately, it is easy to find the licensing information on the online casino website. It can usually be found on the bottom of the homepage or somewhere in the "About Us" section. If you cannot find this information in a few minutes, it is probably not there and you should move onto another option.

  • Check that US Dollars can be used - If you are a US player, it is important that you find an online casino that is accepting of US dollars. If they do not accept US dollars then you will need to deal with exchange rates. Exchange rates are never good for the person converting their money. You will always lose value when exchanging money, so this should be avoided if possible. If an online casino is not accepting US dollars it might be better for you to find an online casino that is.
  • Make sure there are payment methods that cater to players from the US - Not only do you want to be able to deposit US dollars, but you want to make sure you can withdraw in American dollars. Otherwise, you will need to deal with exchange fees which can be just as problematic when withdrawing as they are when making a deposit.

  • Compare the offering of games to see if your favorites are supported - If you are a US player that has been involved in the online casino industry for a long time, you probably have a few games that are your favorites. As a result, you should check each new online casino to see if it supports your favorites. If they do not have your favorite games, you can always move onto another option.

  • Check that customer support is available through email, phone, and live chat - Customer support is a backbone of every online casino. If a site does not have excellent customer support then you will not be able to resolve any issues you might have, and if you play enough, you will have a problem at some point. Look at user reviews to see the quality of the customer service. If their customer support is not adequate there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Red Flags - Avoid these Sites

We want you to have a safe and positive experience when you choose an online casino. To make sure you are choosing the best US online casino sites, there are some red flags to watch for. Not every online casino will be trustworthy and some are even operating illegally.

Some of the reasons an online casino site may be blacklisted or have a red flag include slot processing or non-payment of winnings, no current license, no customer support services, and few payment methods supported. Any site that is known for these things should be avoided at all costs.

New Player Bonus Guide

As a new US player, you should watch for sites that have amazing bonus deals. Most of the best online casinos will have super welcome offers. These can include no deposit and deposit bonuses. US sites that offer both will be a better option. Not only can you get free funds through these offers, but many also include free spins to enjoy on the hottest slot machine games.

Great online casinos will also have a list of ongoing promotions. These can be redeemed with any real money account and the offers can be daily, weekly, or monthly promotions. Each site will have something different to offer, but most will include reload bonuses, free spins, cashback rewards, and referral bonuses. These are available to all US players who have a real money account.